Banking And Finance

Banking And Finance

Last few years global financial system underwent a huge turmoil that reshaped the way of business affecting legal and financial landscape and redefined the relations between lenders and borrowers. Changes in the nature of financial transactions, differences in market conventions, intrigue intercreditor concerns and other matters often compulsorily require expert legal advice in finding the most favourable way to structure a successful deal. Imperium legume has extensive experience across the full spectrum of banking and finance matters in advising various domestic and international banks, financial companies, corporate borrowers, and other banking and finance entities. We represent both lenders and borrowers in all types of complex commercial laws and financial transactions meaning our expertise covers the requirements of all parties to a transaction. We are uniquely positioned to know the ins and outs of the market of our clients  and we combining with our proven experience adroitly apply this knowledge in different kinds of deals of our clients intending to have competitive edge for our clients. We advise our clients on matters involving lending transaction, deal structure, credit products, bank products, negotiations, securities issues, Banking and financial regulations and many more.
Our services focus on the following :

1. Asset finance

2. Acquisition finance

3. Project finance

4. Public finance

5. Real estate finance

6. Banking regulatory

7. Corporate lending

8. Capital Markets

9. Banking and finance disputes

10. Restructuring and insolvency

11. Leveraged Finance

12. High yield

13. Cross border finance