Practice Areas – Classic 1 Column

Banking And Finance

Last few years global financial system underwent a huge turmoil that reshaped the way of business affecting legal and financial landscape and redefined the relations between lenders and borrowers. Changes in the nature of financial transactions, differences in market conventions, intrigue intercreditor concerns and other...
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Brand Protection & Intellectual Property Rights

Brand is the most prized asset of a company. There is nothing more valuable than a company’s good will, in fact companies pour millions of dollars and countless hours to build up their brand. Developing strong brand image requires apt acquisition, utilization, conservation and enforcement...
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Corporate & Commercial

Succeeding in global business requires innovative efforts following usual norms. The corporate arena is full of complexities facing challenges worldwide in diverse range that involves skilled and resourceful legal counsel to combat and thrive in acute competition. Imperim Legum advises its clients in every phase...
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Land & Real Estate

Real estate transactions have become increasingly complex in nature requiring sophisticated counsel in the acquisition, ownership and financing of commercial real estate. Imperium Legum is the market leader in Bangladesh in providing help, skill and experience essential to craft flexible and innovative solutions to the...
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Labour & Employment

Labour, employment and benefit issues increasingly pose complexities through complicated laws and regulations for companies in making right decision to be well placed in market. It is highly essential that companies, management, board of directors and executives are well up to date in line with...
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Regulatory Compliance

The shape of modern business with the increasing number of laws, rules and regulations entailing upon by governmental regulators and enforcement agencies, intending to ensure significant changes in bringing out objectivity, accountability and best practice as driving forces in running businesses has been fouled up....
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