Labour & Employment

Labour-&-EmploymentLabour, employment and benefit issues increasingly pose complexities through complicated laws and regulations for companies in making right decision to be well placed in market. It is highly essential that companies, management, board of directors and executives are well up to date in line with the new developments of labour and employment issues and comply with the constantly shifting legal and regulatory requirements. Imperium legum has an unmatched team of professionals who are habituated to work proactively, help companies with sophisticated advice and head off problems. We deal all labour related matters of our clients and have full understanding and knowledge of latest developments in employment issues. Besides, our acquaintance with the interplay of domestic and foreign laws, regulations affecting labour and employment issues enables us to guide our clients in the full spectrum of employment, labour and benefit issues. We are recognized for our work in every aspect of contentious and non contentious labour and employment law in Bangladesh and also we represent our clients in labour court and tribunal. We counsel our clients on issues relating to executive compensation, incentives employment labour disputes, HR policies, employer relation, pensions, labour contracts, restructuring labour relations, complying grievance procedure, collecting bargaining etc. We offer expertise in the following Services.

1. Labour relating issues before labour courts and tribunals in Bangladesh.
2. Collective labour issues
3. Collective bargaining on behalf of employer.
4. Drafting service agreements including employment agreements and employee hand book
5. Employment policies such as performance, misconduct etc.
6. counseling on applicability of labour laws and employment laws in Bangladesh.
7. Advising on legal and regulatory requirements of employment
8. Recruitment and termination policies
9. General employment issues
10. Workplace safety issues.
11. Due diligena of labour law compliance.