Brand Protection


Brand is the most prized asset of a company. There is nothing more valuable than a company’s good will, in fact companies pour millions of dollars and countless hours to build up their brand. Developing strong brand image requires apt acquisition, utilization, conservation and enforcement of trademarks and other intellectual properties of a company. Failing to meet the requirements will decisively lead to inevitable hostile consequences some of which include subsiding brand value, damaging trademark rights, having little Scope to protect trademark, shrinking the control over brand protection etc. In Point of fact, the recent upsurge in unauthorized use of lawful brands, trademarks and other intellectual properties has been fortified and this tendency strenuously harms economic growth of the company and taints the reputation of the original maker of the brand. Imperium Legum is a staple law firm in Bangladesh in fact first ever of its kind that is expertly working for several years on brand protection issues and intellectual property rights. We have matchless professionals of having high legal and business backgrounds with technical how to do knowledge and a countrywide unique network of skillful intelligence personnel to help domestic and international business organizations, entrepreneurs, start-up enterprise, inventors and others get, maintain and license intellectual property assets. We provide comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and brand protection programs that are custom-tailored to perfectly suit the needs of variety of clients ranging from consumer products, cosmetics, apparel, footwear, art, luxury goods, electronics, tobacco, drugs, mobile devices to many more. Moreover, we skillfully handle the filing and registration of copyrights, design patents and cooperate in managing trademark dispute, opposition and cancellation proceedings and litigation before courts. Likewise, we help you find the outlet of your IP Portfolio through which the plunderers get your weak point, use your IP assets and exploit your good will. Furthermore, we regularly coordinate and conduct anti-counterfeiting law enforcement actions by liaising with governmental officials, law and enforcement agencies like RAB and Police, media and sources skilled in this sector against the illegal usage of the brand and through the operation the offenders are identified, punished and all the counterfeit products are destroyed. Thus we remedy the brand owner by restoring the losses done to their brand and Intellectual Properties.
Our Brand Protection Program and Intellectual Property Services include the following

1. Patents & design
2. Trademarks and copyrights
3. Patent & Trademark Registration portfolio Management
4. Trademark infringement
5. Trademark enforcement
6. Intelligence & surveillance
7. Vendor License qualifications
8. Trade Secrets
9. Due diligence in transactions
10. License, Supply, Distribution related commercial agreements
11. Data Protection
12. Branding, Marketing, advertising strategies
13. Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti Piracy operation.